About me

I hold both Czech and US citizenships. Born in Czechoslovakia, I fled the country in 1981, during the communist regime, shortly after I had graduated from Charles University's School of Philosophy. For almost a decade I lived in New York, where I worked for New York University's Law Library and, later, for a publishing company.

   From 1988 to 1994 I lived in Munich, Germany. After my return to Prague, I worked in an educational center for Czech journalists and, later, in Prague's Municipal Library, where I was in charge of foreign-language acquisitions.

   Since I have always been interested in the history of Prague, and of Central Europe in general, as well as in working with people, I eventually decided to become a tour guide. I successfully passed all exams required by the Czech Tourism Board and I am officially licensed as a tourist guide for all the major tourist attractions of Prague and the Czech Republic.

   I believe that taking the services of an experienced, local guide is the best option if you really want to get an insight into Czech culture and find out how things work here today and how they were in the past. I will always do my best to show you as much as possible and explain everything that is worth noting on our tours and beyond.