Mobile phones

There are three mobile operators in the country. They all use the GSM 800/1900 MHz. system, standard throughout most of Europe.

Depending on your home network, it may be cheaper to choose one of them upon arrival, since they are all owned by large multinational companies - Vodafone, O2 (Telefonica) and T-Mobile.

Fixed lines

All telephone numbers in the Czech Republic have nine digits and there are no local codes. The national access number is +420. Phone booths are located in most public spaces and work either with a pre-paid phone card or coins. They can also be used to call collect to most countries in Europe and America.


Most hotels either offer business centers with wired connections or wireless internet, to which customers can connect. There are also a few internet cafes, which also offer internet calls and related services in the city center.

Among them:

Cafe Pasage
Revolucni 1, Prague 1. Near the Palladium Shopping Centre.
Bohemia Bagel
Lazenska 19, Prague 1. Near Charles Bridge.
Internet Cafe Vinohrady
Slezska 96, Prague 3. Near Jiriho z Podebrad metro station.
Cafe Andel
Na Belidle 23/302, Prague 5. Near Andel metro station.