Glass tour

This tour may be enjoyed by those who are interested in glass making and would like to learn more about this craft that has such a long and rich tradition in the Czech Republic.

We will drive north of Prague, about 100 km, to the traditional glass making region. On the way we will pass through several small towns where you can admire well maintained timber-framed or log houses, examples of folk architecture typical for this region.

Our first destination will be the glass works Ajeto in the small town of Lindava. Here you may take an excursion in the glass works. You will have a chance to watch and admire the skilled glass blowers or cutters at their work. In the nearby glass tavern you may have some light refreshment or you can test your own skills at glass blowing supervised by experienced glass masters.

Afterwards we will drive to the nearby town of Nový Bor, a traditional center of glass making in the region. We will stop for lunch at the unique Ajeto restaurant from which we will watch the glass blowers at work, as the restaurant is divided from the glassmaking hot-shop by a glass wall.

In a recently reconstructed house not far from the restaurant we may visit the Ajeto art gallery, a representative showroom of works not only by the Ajeto company designers, but by designers and artist from all over the world.

In Nový Bor we will find a number of small and interesting glass works and shops.

Galerie DW and the Glass studio is situated in a historic house where Bedřich Egermann, a well know glass master, once lived. Here, the glass artist David Wunsch will show you a very interesting technique of blowing and hand shaping glass over the burner.

Another small studio specializes in glass painting. Their painted glass buttons are very original. In the Glass Museum in Nový Bor you will admire works of glass masters from the past as well as those of the present day.

Duration: 10 hours

Group size (price per group)
1-2 3-6 7 and more
Guiding 3800 CZK 4200 CZK 4500 CZK
Private transport 3000 CZK 3300 CZK 4500 CZK
Public transport 0 CZK per person

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Terms and conditions

Ajeto Glass works
50 CZK (adults) | 25 CZK (students and seniors) | 250 CZK (excursion with a guide in English)
Glass Museum in Nový Bor
50 CZK (adults) | 25 CZK (students and seniors)