In-depth tours

The Old Town

A more detailed tour of the Old town. The Old town is the first and oldest of the four Prague towns. We will start in the Old Town Square which is the oldest market square in Prague and also a stage of Czech history.

The Jewish Quarter

This tour is aimed at those who are interested in Jewish history and culture. During the tour you will learn in detail about history of the Jewish community not only in Prague but in the entire country as well.

The New Town

The New Town was founded in 1348 by Bohemian King Charles IV as the fourth Prague town. Although in the New Town we see mostly architecture from the 19th and 20th centuries, there are still quite a few monuments from the earlier periods worth seeing.


With a tram or metro we will come to Vysehrad, the second oldest stronghold after Prague Castle. Its origins go back to the 10th century.

Charles Bridge and the Little Town

We will start in the Square of the Knights of the Cross with a Red Star, from there will enter the Charles bridge, the oldest Prague bridge. You will hear when and how the bridge was built, some interesting stories and legends.

Prague Castle

This is a detailed tour of Prague Castle, the largest castle complex of Europe and the oldest center of power as well.

Hradčany Town

On this tour we will explore the area of the third Prague town called Hradcany (Castle town). After having arrived with a tram we will begin at the Strahov monastery.

Little Town Palace gardens

This tour can take place from April 1st until October 31st. The gardens are closed over the winter season.

We will visit seven gardens belonging to the palaces of the Little Town.

Troja chateau

The Troja chateau is situated in Prague 7, outside of the historic center but it is undoubtedly worth visiting. With a tram or bus we can reach it in 30 minutes. The Troja chateau is a striking building which rather resembles a Roman suburban villa.

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