Lidice, a small town about 20 kilometers west of Prague, became a symbol of the Nazi aggression during WWII. On the 27th of May 1942 the deputy Reichsprotektor Reinhardt Heydrich was fatally wounded by Czechoslovak parachutists in Prague. The Nazis were frantically looking for those who were involved in the assassination. By chance, one of the traces led them to this Bohemian village.

Although investigations and a house-search produced no compromising material, weapons or transmitter, the Nazis needed to carry out an act of vengeance for the death of "an outstanding man of the German nation", and for this they chose the people of Lidice. The tragedy ot this little village and its 503 inhabitants began on June 10, 1942 a few hours after midnight. At the orders of K. H. Frank 173 Lidice men were shot in the garden of the Horak farm.

The women and children were taken to a school in the nearby town Kladno. Three days later the children were taken from their mothers and, except for those selected for re-education in German families and babies under one year of age, were poisoned by exhaust gases in specially adapted vehicles in the Nazi extermination camp at Chełmno upon Nerr in Poland. The women were sent to the Ravensbruck concentration camp, which usually meant quick or lingering death for the inmates. The entire village was razed to the ground.

But the Nazis didn’t succeed in wiping out the name of this village from the face of the Earth. The news about the tragedy spread all over the world and many places took over the name to pay memory to Lidice. In 1947 the foundation stone for the new village was laid about 300 meters from the original one.

The Lidice memorial is easily accessible from Prague by public bus. The ride takes about 30 minutes.

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