Musicians in Prague

Prague is a city of music and musicians. During this tour we will be concerned mostly with three of them. However, we will mention other important music personalities who are connected with Prague as well.

W.A. Mozart came to Prague five times and on his second visit he brought to Prague the opera Don Giovanni which was premiered at the Estates Theater in 1787. We will visit the Bertramka Estate, the place where the composer completed the opera. Today Mozart’s museum is housed in there.

Bedrich Smetana, the founder of Czech national music, lived, worked and is buried in Prague. We will visit The Smetana museum situated near the Charles Bridge.

Antonin Dvorak, the best known Czech composer world-wide, is closely connected with the city. We will walk by the Church of St. Adalbert where he worked as an organist and visit his museum housed today in a pretty Baroque villa, called Amerika, in the New Town.

Duration: 3 hours

Group size (price per group)
1-2 3-6 7 and more
Guiding 1700 CZK 2000 CZK 2300 CZK

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Bertramka estate
110 CZK (adults) | 50 CZK (students)
Smetana Museum
50 CZK (adults) | 25 CZK (students)
Dvorak Museum
50 CZK (adults) | 25 CZK (students)