The Jewish Quarter

This tour is aimed at those who are interested in Jewish history and culture. During the tour you will learn in detail about history of the Jewish community not only in Prague but in the entire country as well. (The first Jewish merchants arrived in the territory of Prague in the 10th century.) In the past the Prague Jewish community used to be one of the most prominent centers of Jewish life in Europe. We will visit the Jewish museum of Prague which includes exhibitions housed in several synagogues, the Ceremonial Hall of the Burial Society and the Jewish cemetery. The Maisel synagogue, originally erected in the 16th century houses an exhibition dedicated to the history from the 10th till the end of the 18th century. In the Spanish synagogue built in the 19th century, the history continues – from the 18th century until the time after WWII. The Pinkas synagogue today serves as a memorial to the Nazi Holocaust. The majority of Czech and Moravian Jews passed first through a ghetto established by the Nazis in Terezin, a town North of Prague. From there most of them were transported to the extermination camps in the East where most of them were killed. About 80 000 people of Jewish origin perished during the WWII. Written by hand on the walls of this synagogue you will see the names of these victims. Afterwards we will walk through the Old Jewish cemetery. The cemetery was in use since the 15th till the 18th century and the number of people buried there is estimated at nearly 100 000. In the Klausen synagogue we will talk about customs and traditions and the burial traditions are explained in the Ceremonial hall of the Burial Society. At the end of the tour we will see the Jewish Town Hall, the High and Oldnew Synagogues. The Oldnew synagogue, built at the end of the 13th century, is today the oldest of European synagogues. We can visit the inside of the synagogue if you wish so. This synagogue is run by the Prague Jewish community so you have to pay an extra admission.

Duration: 3 hours

Group size (price per group)
1-2 3-6 7 and more
Guiding 1700 CZK 2000 CZK 2300 CZK

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Terms and conditions

The Jewish museum:
300 CZK (adults) | 200 CZK (students)
The Jewish museum + the Oldnew synagogue:
480 CZK (adults) | 320 CZK (students)