Prague modern architecture

This tour may be interesting for those who appreciate the architecture of the first half of the 20th century.

The rapid building development of Prague during the first half of the twentieth century followed the building boom of the late 19th century. The historicism of that period was replaced by a new naturalist style, influenced by oriental art and natural motifs – art nouveau. We can see many outstanding examples of this style in the historic center as well as in other districts of Prague, among which the Municipal House of Prague is the best known.

The flamboyant style of plant-derived forms was gradually replaced by the so-called geometrical art nouveau and at same time a new, more ascetic style – architectural modernism – appears.

Architectural cubism is quite an interesting chapter in the history of Czech architecture of the period 1911-1921. The best know cubist structure in Prague’s Old town is the House at the Black Madonna.

A Czechoslovak modification of the art deco, called national decorativism or national style emerged after the World War I.

The younger generation of architects, however, was more attracted by avant-garde styles – functionalism and constructivism. In the years 1925-1939 Prague became one of the workshops of modern avant-garde architecture.

An alternative to those styles was modern classicism, in which many ministries, banks and administrative buildings were erected.

World War II brought an end to this outstanding period in the history of Prague’s architecture. After the war the functionalist style prevailed; however, the era that followed the Communist takeover in 1948 recognized only one style – so-called socialist realism, which was the Czechoslovak version of Stalinist Soviet architecture. This unpopular style began to mark the face of Prague at the beginning of the 1950s.

Aside from this walking tour, I would recommend the visit of the well known Villa Müller, a great work of the famous architect Adolf Loos.

Duration: 3 hours

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