Special Tours

Prague modern architecture

This tour may be interesting for those who appreciate the architecture of the first half of the 20th century.

Strahov Library and Monastery

This tour will take you to the famous Strahov Library, which houses many manuscripts and early prints and also boasts magnificent Baroque architecture. The visit to the Strahov Abbey will follow afterwards.

The Baba estate

The functionalist housing estate Baba in the Prague district of Dejvice was built between 1932-1940 by the Czechoslovak Werkbund. This collection of exhibition housing was the last in a series of “model estates” constructed by the Werkbund (an association of artists, architects, designers, and industrialists, whose aim was to promote the development of modern architecture and industrial design) in Central Europe. Unlike other Werkbund housing estates (e.g. the Stuttgart and Vienna estates) Baba was funded privately.

Hidden corners

In case you have seen all the well known attractions in Prague, followed the main tourist routes through the historic center and still have some time left, this tour is meant for you. You will discover parts of the three towns - Old, Little as well Hradcany which have been hidden from you so far.

Franz Kafka and Prague

Franz Kafka has become one of the main symbols of Prague. This tour is aimed at those interested in Kafka’s work and life. We will start in front of the house where the writer was born in 1883. We will see the houses in which he and his family lived, the schools he visited and places where he worked.

Musicians in Prague

Prague is a city of music and musicians. During this tour we will be concerned mostly with three of them. However, we will mention other important music personalities who are connected with Prague as well.

Prague architecture

Prague is a unique city from an architectural point of view. In a relatively small area the development of all western styles of architecture can be seen. This tour will be enjoyed by those who are interested in the history of architecture. We will talk about and see the best examples of the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classicist styles.

Prague in the 20th century

This tour is aimed at those who would like to know more about the modern history of this country. You will hear about the 28th October 1918, the day of the declaration of independent Czechoslovakia, the “First Republic”, the Nazi occupation of the country in 1939, the Prague uprising of May 1945 and the Communist putsch of February 1948.

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