Upon arrival

Planes from Schengen countries (most European Union countries) arrive to Terminal 2, while those from all other destinations land at Terminal 1. Only charters and government flights land at Terminal 3.

If you wish, I will be more than happy to pick you up at Prague's Ruzyne International Airport in a private car with a driver and take you to your hotel. Just contact me and I'll arrange everything, according to your flight details.

If you prefer to make the trip yourself, you have the following options:

Public transport
Tickets can be purchased either in the Public Transport Corporation's offices in the arrival halls of both terminals or in the ticket machines located next to the bus stations outside. The tickets described here are valid on these buses:

Bus no. 100
This express bus will take you to Zlicin, the terminus of the yellow B line, in 15 minutes, approximately every 15 minutes. From there it takes about 20 minutes to reach the metro stations in the center. The service begins at 05:41 and ends at 23:36 (first and last departure from the airport).
Bus no 119
This is a regular bus, which stops several times before reaching Dejvicka, the terminus of the green A line. It takes about 24 minutes and departs about every 7 minutes. The advantage is that it only takes 6 minutes to reach the center from Dejvicka by metro. The service begins at 04:16 and ends at 00:06 (first and last departure from the airport).
The Airport Express (AE) bus
This bus has a special tariff (45 CZK per ride, per person to Nadrazi Holesovice, 30 CZK to Dejvicka). The journey takes 19 minutes to Dejvicka and the bus leaves every 30 minutes. From Dejvicka the bus continues to the railway station Nadrazi Holesovice (on the red metro line C) as it is mainly designed to transport passengers connecting to rail services of Czech Railways.

AAA Taxi serves the airport. They have bright yellow Skoda Superbs. The rate is calculated on the same basis as described in the article on Transport in Prague.

Cedaz operates minibuses from the airport to the city centre, with a maximum capacity of 8 people. They charge 120 Crowns per person and depart every 30 minutes.